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Hoist Liftruck T Series

Big Trucks Forged in America

A new era of terminal tractor design is here – the Hoist T-Series. Revamping the modern terminal tractor while also elevating the experience of owning and operating the Hoist T-Series above all competitors’ was the mission. The Hoist T-Series combines efficiency, safety and ergonomics to create the ultimate vehicle for your port environment.

A number of notable features come together to raise the Hoist T-Series above the rest. One primary example is the Hendrickson AirTek suspension. Providing rollover protection, an industry first, the AirTek suspension absorbs movement to reduce operator fatigue and improve production.

Another highlight of the Hoist T-Series is the MD4 Smart Screen Technology onboard diagnostic software. Operators and technicians can now diagnose technical issues, engine status and pull up digital operators manuals from the seat of the terminal tractor cab.

Hoist Liftruck T Series Features


  • Hendrickson AirTek suspension
  • Military grade AxleTech rear axle
  • Cummins tier 4F 6.7L engine (HP)
  • Allison 3500 transmission


  • Sears premium air-ride seat
  • Fifth wheel fingertip switch
  • Digital instrumentation with stereo
  • Premium HVAC
  • Document, pen and clipboard storage
  • Intelligent interior layout


The Hoist T-Series’ fifth wheel reduces vehicle stress by providing smoother hook-ups with trailers and distributing the load more evenly throughout the chassis.

In addition to increased operator comfort, the Hendrickson Air Ride suspension provides significant rollover protection, an industry first. The chassis is mounted on “airbags”, providing constant ride height control, even while making sudden, sharp turns when braking.


Terminal tractors are used round the clock, so durability and up-time are critical. The Hoist T-Series is designed from the ground up to get the job done over and over again. Built to withstand constant contact with heavy trailers across rough yards, the Hoist T-Series features a high strength steel frame and military grade AxleTech drive axles.


Manual diagnostics of competitors’ terminal tractors are time-consuming and therefore, costly due to downtime. Rather than checking each individual fuse, relay and connection to diagnose an electrical problem for example, the Hoist T-Series comes standard with our Smart Screen Technology onboard diagnostics which allows operators and technicians to immediately identify which component is faulty. The Smart Screen Technology also includes additional functionality such as error history logs, onboard operator and service manuals, passcode protection, icon library as well as full instrumentation and warnings.

All vital components, such as air filter, oil filter and dipsticks are placed in easily accessible areas around the terminal tractor. Operators can quickly get to problem areas after reviewing the issues in the Smart Screen Technology onboard interface and have the terminal tractor running again.

Hoist Liftruck T Series Video